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[s-d] Re: Could you guys double check my work?

eugman@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> I'm gotten all the haunted stuff down and most of the talismans
> altered but I'd like somone to double check the stuff to see if I got
> it all working.

Well, the Storage Room ought to have exits to the Dynamic and Static
rooms (unless my prop was horribly botched, which I haven't checked).

The Seance room has "posses" instead of "possess". If that's due to
the original prop then you ought to submit a Referendum to fix it. If
it's due to copying the text wrong from the prop then you ought to
just fix it.

You have some odd line break issues in places, where you have
inconsistent formatting. See West of house, The Secret Tunnels, The
Upper Hallway, and The Conservatory.

Peter C.
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