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[s-d] Re: Eligibility for Legislator of the Nweek

flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Sorry Peter, meant to bounce to discuss.

That happens :)

> #1: After rereading both applicable rules numerous times, I too am
> inclined to lean toward the third interpretation. It's tricky, because 3-3
> applies as well. Proposals become historical at the end of the nWeek, same
> time you become Senator. 

Yes, but it's clearer in that case, since they're both "at the end of
the nweek", which means that r2-5 (Order of Operations) applies,
putting the resolution of the proposals (either r3-3 or r2-6, I'm not
sure which) before the becoming of a Senator (r3-19).

I'm not 100% sure that "at the end of one nweek" is a different
instant than "at the beginning of the next nweek", although that is
the decision I made in taking 50 Tiles Tokens away right after the
prop creating them resolved, and nobody seemed to object to it.

> #2: I think your nWeeks in #1 are one off (it's 94.12 now).

Ah, yes. I suppose it is. So much for that trying to clarify what I
was saying. I amend my argument by incrementing all those numbers by
1. :)

> #3: Wonko has voted FOR on all his proposals, which by 3-19 e cannot.

Ah, yes. I suppose that is true. I hereby explicitly don't recognize
those votes of Wonko's on eir own proposals, so they remain ABSTAIN
for now. (I do recognize eir votes on other proposals, since each vote
is an independent game action not in a transaction.)

Peter C.
"Puns are the lowest form of humor.... Now slapstick, that's intelligent!"
		-- tnt
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