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[s-d] Re: [auto] Triller submits p190

Triller has submitted a new proposal, p190:
> Proposal 190/0: Someone Has A Lease Liability
> A Proposal by Triller
> Last modified on nweek 94, nday 8
> Add the following to Rule 4-4:
> {{
> __The Ministry of Housing__
> The Ministry of Housing is a Ministry; its Minister may be called the Super.
> The Super is responsible for maintaining a Public Display of the status of
> The Haunted House. This includes, but is not limited to, the location of each
> Object in The House, and any Condition or Attribute defined in Chapter 10
> of the Rules.

You're missing a closing double-brace.

We've conventionally been assigning an initial minister in a prop that
creates a ministry, just so that someone's doing it until an election
is held. (And it's polite to volunteer yourself, or someone who's
agreed to the role.) Although if my revamping of ministries happens,
then maybe it's not needed.

Peter C.
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