Daniel Peter Lepage on Wed, 29 Jun 2005 22:12:12 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] EugeneMeidinger submits p143

> EugeneMeidinger has submitted a new proposal, p143.
> ---------------------------------
> Proposal 143/0: Talismans are becoming unique!
> A Standard Proposal by EugeneMeidinger
> Last modified on nweek 92, nday 11
> [[Tabu. Look it up]]

Alternate spelling for Taboo, I believe, which is a ban or an inhibition
resulting from social custom or emotional aversion.

> Add to the end of rule 7-2 the following:
> {{
> All talismans have a rarity. A rarity of rare means only one talisman of
> that name is allowed per player. A rarity of rare means a player may not
> have multiple copies of that talisman. A rarity of unique means that that
> talisman may not be created if a copy already exists. Any other rarities
> have no effect.
> }}

After "All Talismans have a rarity" you have two sentences that seem to
say the same thing - a player can't have more than one vs. a player can't
have multiple ones.

> Give all talismans a rarity of common.
> Give Small White Rabbit a rarity of Unique.
> Give Talisman of Bureaucracy a rarity of rare.[[Redundant isn't it?]]
> Give Chad a rarity of rare.
> Replace the last sentence of Chad's effects with the following:
> {{
> Players may only use a Chad during a voting period and make one before a
> voting period.
> }}

How about "Players may not create Chads during Voting, and may not use
them outside of Voting"? As it stands, you're mixing singulars ("a Chad")
with plurals ("Players") and it's a bit confusing to read.


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