Daniel Peter Lepage on Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:02:21 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] Question about necromancers.

> I personally like the class because if some priest decides to "heal" me
> (which can be deadly for the dealers of undead) I get to keep my talisman.
> However due my evilness a person without thier sould can't capture more
> souls. So unless this has changed how do you intend for them to deal with
> this? Collect sould go necro and then switch to something else?

You get to keep Souls even when you reanimate them, so I imagine you'd get
a Soul or two and then somehow lose yours; you'd then get an extra vote
every nweek until a Priest got sick of it and Healed you, at which point
you'd start trying to get rid of your Soul again.

The ability isn't too powerful unless you can get a current Player's Soul,
but the check on that is that a Priest can heal any current Player's Soul
away from you.

> Also I'm interested in adding a gc benifit for not being a boring guy to
> encourage using a class. does anyone see a problem with this.?

Not at all. We might even provide greater GC benefits for weaker classes -
Senators, for example, should probably get a bigger salary since they
generally don't get much advantage from their power.


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