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[s-d] Re: [auto] TheVoice submits p136

This prop (making only one person a judge for a CFI) doesn't really
handle what to do if the person selected doesn't vote on it... You end
up with it failing automatically, which seems bad. (I could submit a
CFI that "Peter has not won" and hope that judge selected isn't
actually around that week.)

I'm not really sure what this is hoping to accomplish... I think that
major decisions like CFIs ought to be decided by all the players as a
whole, especially since a majority can change the rules however they
want anyway.

In terms of making it compatible with the Game-changing Objects
structure that I made last nweek, I think that you just want to change
"Eligible Voters on a CFI are all players except for the Plaintiff and
Defendant of that CFI." to be a different method of selecting that set
(even if you only want that set to be one player). That way, CFIs work
just like everything else.

(And if someone wants to prop a better name than Game-changing
Objects, I'd be all for it.)

Peter C.
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