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[s-d] Public Fora (was: Fwd: Re: Tweak Recognizer)

Rainbow Wolfe <rainbowdreamwolf@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Oh, and in the current rules (not having time to check) does it not just say 
> public forum? And aren't both (or even all 3) forums public? Don't think it 
> specifies which one unless you look at the Wiki.

Rule 1-4 states that "A Forum is a means by which Outsiders can
communicate. Fora may be Private or Public; all Fora are Private until
a rule makes them otherwise."

Rule 4-4 allows the FCC to designate Public Fora. Currently, -discuss
isn't one.

One of the reasons for having the fora separate is so that ministers
(or other players) who are busy can just check the "business" forum
for actions people take, without needing to wade through all the
discussion on whether those actions are good ideas. If we were to make
-discuss a public forum as well, then we'd need to look through both
forums for things that happen, which means we might as well just have
one forum.

Now, if you want to get rid of the tacking on of the Reply-To to the
discuss list, I have no problem with that at all... Although I've
configured my mail program such that reply-to-all stays on the
business list and regular-reply uses the Reply-To header to the
discuss list, so I just think about which button I want to hit each
time I reply. But even I hit the wrong one sometimes. Having
everything on one mailing list seems fine to me, except for those
weeks when a bazillion messages show up.

We used to have a rule where a message to a private forum could be
recognized at a minister's discretion, allowing them to treat it as a
game action but not requiring them to read the forum if they were
busy. Something like that might not be such a bad idea. (Although, I
think I'd prefer an additional designation of a semi-public forum or
something, to avoid a minister saying "But e emailed a Game Action to
me directly, really e did!".)

Peter C.
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