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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] TheVoice amends p113

It also makes it difficult if the only two people to have propped the 
previous Nweek are the defendant and plaintiff. I'd vote for this if it was 
over and above what already exists ( as a default option should this not be 

also.... (see below)

- Rainbow Wolfe

On 6/3/05, automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> TheVoice has amended p113.
> ---------------------------------
> Proposal 113/1: nobody elects to work on reaching konsensus
> A Standard Proposal by TheVoice
> Last modified on nweek 90, nday 9
> [[network]]
> [[/1: Added the stipulation in the first paragraph that Judges must have 
> made a proposal in the previous nweek.]]
> Replace section 5-2 of the ruleset with the following:
> {{
> For each CFI, there is an Judge. All players who submitted proposals 
> during the nweek previous to the one in which the CFI was submitted are 
> eligible to be the Judge for a CFI except the Plaintiff and the Defendant of 
> that CFI, and the Guardian of the Peace. The Guardian of the Peace is 
> responsible for randomly selecting a Judge.

'A judge' ? 

The Judge for an Open CFI may make his Ruling (as a Game Action) on that 
> CFI. This ruling may be either YES, NO, or REFUSED.
> When a CFI changes from Open to Historical, it is said to have Resolved. 
> At this point, the final votes cast by each player are counted, and the 
> results are interpreted as follows:

'votes cast by each player' ? Which is it? One, or many? My above statement 
about a default state was for many.

If the ruling is YES, then the CFI Passes; the statement should be treated 
> as true for the purposes of interpreting the ruleset.
> If the ruling is REFUSED, then the CFI is declared Moot, and has no effect 
> on the gamestate or the interpretation of the rules.
> Otherwise, the CFI Fails; the statement should be treated as false for the 
> purposes of interpreting the ruleset.
> When a CFI Passes, the gamestate changes listed within it are implemented 
> by whoever is responsible for them.
> }}
> [[ Only about two people ever vote anyway... and this makes my job a 
> little easier. ]]
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