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[s-d] Re: Is this legal?

eugman@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Let's say I wanted to send in a command at a certain time but couldn't
> because real life obligations are commands from the escrow server
> legal?

I'm not sure about the capabilities of the escrow server, but in
general the game has been allowing one to use a computer program as a
proxy for performing actions oneself. (For instance, Wonko's proposal
scripts automatically number proposals and count votes, although the
rules technically would require Wonko to do so.) (It used to be
explicitly a part of the rules that a minister could use a computer
program instead of doing something emself, but I don't think that that
rule survived the reset, although we've continued to allow it.)

Rule 1-3 just says that to perform a game action, the Outsider (that
being you, the human being in front of the computer) has to send it to
a public forum. It doesn't say that it has to be typed out by the
outsider recently and sent using their normal mail client.

So, I think it's fine.

My mail program has a "delay sending until specified time" feature,
which I've used when I wanted to do something similar. (Announcing the
value of the Pause during the Emergency for the reset, if I recall
correctly.) You may want to see if your mail program has something

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