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Re: [s-d] Re: [auto] Wonko submits p1996

On Jan 28, 2005, at 11.54 AM, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:

Wonko proposes:
Repeal rule 497.

r497 is the one that says Rules can have subsections. I think it's
perfectly obvious that rules can have subsections, which makes this
rule completely superfluous.

Yes, but Rule 33 talks about what takes precedence between different
sections of a rule, and props sometimes refer to a particular section
of a rule, so having something that makes it unambiguous what a
section is might be a good idea.

When props refer to a subsection of a rule, they always say "section D.5.3 of rule XXX". That very unambiguously refers to the subsection labeled "D.5.3" of rule "XXX", whether a rule describes them or not.

As for Rule 33, I'll add that to the prop, since it's also ugly.

Although I'll probably fail to change r33 on the grounds that r33 is very, very hard to modify these days (it requires a 3/4 vote of all players, which means that at least 12 players have to vote for it in order to pass. Since we only seem to have about 5 active players at the moment, this is all but impossible.


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