Peter Cooper Jr. on Thu, 20 Jan 2005 20:40:36 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Tildex Public Display Cleanup

The Tildex public display includes entries for the following names,
although they don't appear on the Roster:

* Gizmit
* Hjallti
* Norinel
* Sagitta
* Scoff!
* Teucer
* The Voice

Rule 14 says in part, "When a Player ceases to be a player for any
reason, e loses all game defined properties and attributes except for
eir Name, and becomes a Lost Soul. Lost Souls are game objects."

Are possessions of an object considered a game defined property or
attribute? I could see it going either way... The possession could
have an attribute of what/who owns it, or the owner could have an
attribute of what it owned.

That is, assuming that these are all players who once were in the game
and are no longer with us, do the Lost Souls keep their tildex?

Even if the Lost Souls would have lost their tildex when they left,
since the SOL is up on most of them (that is, they've been on the
tildex display for a long time), do the Lost Souls have the tildex

And the real question I'm trying to get to is, how I should update the
tildex display, if at all?

Peter C.
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mine are still greater."
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