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Re: [s-d] Re: Re: Internomic

On Jan 3, 2005, at 10.57 AM, Dan Schmidt wrote:

Actually I ment to type 10/4 but I hit the wrong key.
The specific "loophole" is that events are not
entities and are not bound by the rules of this game.

Rule 10 is redundant - all game objects, entities, and events are trivially bound by the rules of the game simply by the nature of the game.

And even if they weren't there's nothing you could do to exploit that "loophole", since the way we interpret the rules is determined by mutual consensus, and I guarantee you that we'll all just ignore you if you try to change the gamestate with events from a different game. This doesn't need to be explicitly spelled out because it's an inherent property of all games. Note, for example, that Monopoly has no clause stating that events in B Nomic can't influence Monopoly, yet if you go tell some Monopoly players that they all have to go to Jail because of things happening in B Nomic, they'll laugh in your face.


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