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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] It Ain't Dead Yet!

IMHO it's palatable, now that comments are gone.


On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Seeing as how it's not the end of the nweek, I change Proposal
> 1841 as follows:
> Remove all comments.
> That'll make it not a prose prop, at least.
> On top of that, I'd like to urge people to vote for this,
> especially if we're thinking about inter-nomic commerce again.
> I particularly envisioned technologies to come in handy in
> terms of item production, alteration or synthesis, like the
> good ol' days on the grid.  Among the things a technology
> might do is process a particular out-of-game item and turn it
> into a brand spankin' new item, which we can then sell back to
> its source.
> Does this give an advantage to older players?  Not per se,
> since a new player can come in, propose eir own technology,
> and start profiting.  Even if it did, existing players already
> have an advantage, having points and everything else that a
> newbie doesn't.
> So.  What would make the Technologies prop palatable?
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