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Re: [spoon-discuss] idea

SkArcher wrote:

Idea regarding the voting system, amendments and Shelving

Split the game up as follows

1 nYear = 3 nSeasons (Seedtime, Inundation & Sog ?)
1 nSeason = 3 nMonths
1 nMonth = 3 nWeeks
1 nWeek = 3 nDays

1 nYear = 81 nDays
1 nSeason = 27 nDays
1 nMonth = 9 nDays

Each nMonth, the following sequence;

nWeek1 - Proposal Week - props may be made (and modified freely) by their owners for 2 Bandwidth. Shelved props may not be altered.

nWeek2 - Amendment Week - players may table "Amendment" documents (a new type of game document) on *any* proposal for 1 Bandwidth. An amendment, if passed, alters a proposal *before* it passes. Ammendments can be made for Shelved props, and a Shelved prop must have an amendment proposed or it doesn't appear on the ballot.

nWeek3 - Voting Week - Ballot is released, votes are made, vote counting is done. When the ballot come to be implemented, there are now 2 stages

1) Amendments that passed are enacted.
2) Proposals (amended if appropriate) that passed are implemented.


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I would like it, except that I don't like that everyone gets to vote on amendments. I feel that the writer of the proposal should have editorial control over it, and if everyone doesn't like it, they can vote it down. Your system just seems to complicate the process.

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