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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 60 Ballot

Since you've misread several of my props, I wanted to explain.

1825: An 'available public display' is exactly what those words mean
in English. It has to display the required information and be publicly
available to all of us. If that stripper could provide the appropriate
information, and she were publicly available to all of us, she would
work. It's no different that any other English term used in the rules.

1826: Well this isn't mine. But what would stop you is:
1. The rules do not provide for the declaring of tampons,
and 2. once you declare it, it's not undeclared. Right now tampons
don't exist, so they are neither declared objects nor undeclared objects.

1827: This isn't mine either. But we would not go back to nweek 0, because
it is clear from the rule that only rules created that were changes to
the rules made by prop 1812 would be repealed.

1828: Rule 24 certainly did something to me. By putting the entire burden
of updating the Roster on the Admin, it caused the Roster to be out-of-date.

And I don't understand your objection here.
1. If at any point there is no Roster Minister, an election is immediately
held. Kurt Godel will enforce this.
2. Since the Admin may perform the duties of a Minister (625.A.2) we lose
nothing by allowing an additional person to help with this important job.
If we have a Roster Minister, and neither e nor Dave is updating the Roster,
we are still better off than if we don't have one, and Dave is not updating
the Roster.

1829: You do not have this straight at all. A player recognizes a Streamlined
Emergency by making ___or endorsing___ a Quick Fix. The idea is that in a
Streamlined Emergency, there will only be one or two of them - otherwise
it isn't effective to use the Procedure, and the regular one can be used.

Tampons and really should change your philosophy to Carnal.

Zarpint the Incomplete

Zarpint Jeremy Cook    "All thy toiling only breeds new dreams, new dreams;
mcfoufou@xxxxxxxxx         there is no truth saving in thine own heart."               --W.B. Yeats, The Song of the Happy Shepherd

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, Glotmorf wrote:

> In an effort to bring at leatht thome thtyle into thethe
> And what, pray, ith an available public dithplay?  I thaw
> thomeone make juthe QUITE a dithplay of herthelf at a club the
> other night in public, but I wouldn't ecthpect Dave to come
> and write my tilde count on her.
> Otherwithe, I am tho flattered that you uthed the tilde.
> I vote thelve.
> > Proposal 1826/1: Patisserie (Sagitta)
> And what, pray, ith an undeclared object?  It occurth to me
> that tamponth aren't declared anywhere in the current
> gamethtate; what would thtop me from declaring a tampon,
> getting an eclair, and thmearing it on a propothal of my
> choithe?
> Otherwithe, I am tho flattered that you uthed the eclair.
> I vote thelve.
> > Proposal 1827/0: Lather, Rinse, Repeat (SkArcher)
> Thilly boy.  You didn't thay ecthplithitly what ruleth are
> repealed.  Thith would take uth back to nweek 0.
> And p1812 doethn't change any ruleth other than the oneth it
> createth.  Jutht what were you trying to undo?
> I vote thelve, jutht becauthe I athume ThkArcher meant
> THOMETHING by thith...
> > Proposal 1828/0: Save Dave (Zarpint)
> No, no, NO!  Leave poor rule 24 alone!  It never did anything
> to you!
> The rothter hath to be there.  If you take away rule 24, and
> leave the definithion of the rothter in rule 625, it could be
> not there if there ith no minithter and Dave doethn't choothe
> to take that duty.  And that jutht won't do.  I jutht can't
> get through a nday without my rothter being there.
> Maybe rothter duty can be athigned, and Dave only taketh care
> of it if ith not done in a timely way, and we can do all
> thorth of nathty fun thingth to whoever wath thuppothed to do
> it, jutht hath to be done.
> I vote thelve.
> > Proposal 1829/1: Streamlined Emergencies (Zarpint)
> Okeydokey...leth thee if I have thith thtraight...
> A thtreamlined emergenthy ecthith if more than half the
> playerth recognithe it.
> A player recognitheth a thtreamlined emergenthy by propothing
> a quick ficth.
> Therefore, a thtreamlined emergenthy ecthith if there
> ecthitht, for N playerth, N/2 quick fictheth.
> Each player endortheth eir own quick ficth, but each player
> can only endorthe one quick ficthe, tho a quick ficth can only
> get pathed if motht of the playerth (if any) that didn't
> recognithe the thtreamlined emergenthy endorthe one of the
> quick fictheth.
> That jutht doethn't thound too thtreamlined to me...
> I vote thelve.  Go work on thith thome more while I look for
> my pirini.
> > Proposal 1830/0: Not Again! (SkArcher)
> I like thith...I really do.  It meanth thelved propothalth
> only get rethubmitted if thomeone really wanth them to be.  No
> free thoth, no thneaking thomething in when people have
> forgotten about it, no making free work for Dave while
> thomething waith to die of neglect.
> My only conthern (athide from having voted thelve on every
> propothal thuth far) is, if thomeone beath a lame horthe over
> three nweekth, thould e be penalithed for a failure?  Tho
> that, not only doeth he have to want to rethubmit it, he altho
> hath to make it better?
> I vote thelve.
> > Proposal 1832/0: The Player with No Name (Glotmorf)
> And here I thought I'd vote thelve on everything.  Thilly me.
> I vote yeth (15).
> And thinthe ith my duty to bethtow the thcarf on THOMEONE, no
> matter what, I give it to Thagitta, jutht for making me think
> of thmearing tamponth.  Ew.
> 						Glotmorf
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