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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] ministers

On 19 Mar 2004 at 17:51, Zarpint Jeremy Cook wrote:

> A Streamlined Emergency is an Emergency where (1) the Emergency can be
> simply and quickly ended by a direct change to the gamestate, and (2)
> a Public Forum is still functioning.
> The YSEMP is as follows:
> 1. A Player may recognize a Streamlined Emergency at any point. To do
> so, e must propose a change to the gamestate that will solve the
> emergency, known as a Quick Fix, or Endorse a Quick Fix already made.
> 2. A Player is considered to have Endorsed eir own Quick Fix. No
> player may Endorse more than one Quick Fix, or have more than one
> Quick Fix Under Consideration. If a Player Endorses a Quick Fix, it is
> said to have an Endorsement by that Player. A Quick Fix is Under
> Consideration from the time of its proposal until the Player who
> proposed it announces it is no longer Under Consideration, at which
> point all of its Endorsements are removed. No Quick Fix not Under
> Consideration may have any Endorsements.
> 3. If at any point a Quick Fix has a number of Endorsements by
> different Players greater than half the number of recognized players,
> the following occurs in order:
> a. The Quick Fix is implemented by the Administrator.
> b. All Quick Fixes become no longer Under Consideration.
> c. The YSEMP ends.
> During any Emergency, all rules are still in effect. This Rule takes
> precedence over all Rules except the following: 33, 699, and 129. }}
> And I note that rule 1823 takes precedence over rule 33, which is
> illegal, but unfortunately my prop was proposed after that one.

While I see where you're going with this, part of the reason 
for the current emergency procedure structure was to solicit 
alternative fixes for an emergency, rather than an "either 
this or nothing" fix.

Any way to build alternatives in?  I mean, presumably, if it's 
really an emergency, people will want to see it fixed, and 
it's just a question of how?


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