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Re: [spoon-discuss] Greetings from Benomica

On 14 Mar 2004 at 4:03, Zarpint Jeremy Cook wrote:

> Well, would the thing say "the person who proposed this gets 5 points
> if....", or would it say "Wonko", and people would just think, say,
> the Baron proposed it out of the goodness of eir heart? The main
> problem we had with BvSI, Athena's Society, and so on, was that the
> societies would own various game things like Gnomes, and get points
> from buying them...and so who would vote for a prop that said "You can
> buy this from Player R for 10 points" which gives R points, although
> it might introduce something interesting. I don't see anonymity giving
> any advantage here...who is going to propose to give Wonko a product
> to sell except Wonko?

What I'm saying is, we might have things that produce other 
things or enable the production of other things -- call them 
"technologies" or "industries" -- that would initially be in 
the hands of whoever proposed it.  There could then be rules 
for researching, transferring, stealing, etc. the technology.

In this case, the proposal wouldn't say that Wonko would be 
the one to initially have the technology; it would just 
propose the technology with the understanding that if it's 
approved its anonymous proposer would get first crack at it.

Cuz, after all, I myself wouldn't consciously give Wonko a 
product to sell.  Or I'd try to steal it from em if I did.

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