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Re: [spoon-discuss] upper house

> On 10 Mar 2004 at 21:26, Baron von Skippy wrote:
>> first place (thbbbt to all). Name one culture that wasn't on Star Trek
>> or the Twilight Zone where the youngers are more powerful than the
>> elders. If you can (and by youngers I mean newborns are the most
>> powerful members of society), I'll grant you your little lunacy.-
> Lost in Space, the TV series, back in the '60s.  There was a
> planet whose inhabitants were stuck in teenagery, and, at the
> end of the episode, were even starting to get younger.  They
> wanted to dissect the Jupiter 2 crew to extract their ability
> to age.
> Technically this regards physical age rather than
> chronological age, and is an even less realistic source than
> the ones you mentioned, but it meets your specs.
> If you need a real-life culture, I believe the incarnation of
> the Dalai Lama is considered the power, even when he has just
> been reborn.
> Not that I agree in principle with the age category thang.
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Hear hear about the age categories thing, and on that note, what ever came
to the discussion about returned players having some sort of age status...
this is obviously of personal importance to me, so what was the end result
of that discussion?  I vaguely remember it (I think that I was on the list
at that point).

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