David E. Smith on 3 Mar 2004 01:29:44 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proposal syntax

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Mark Karasek wrote:

> Dave, would you mind terribly if had a look at the scripts that currently
> exist? There are various other things I'd like to look into (for example,
> on the rules and props pages, have occurances of "Rule #"/"r#" actually be
> links to that rule). I may be able to find other things to improve as well.

There's not really that much there... but what the hell.

I'm putting a tarball on the Web site. The tarball is an exact copy of the
Web site's code, as it exists right now, with the following exceptions:

* /inc/dbcon.php -- I removed the password. :-)
* The /static/ directory is empty, as those documents are recreated once
  every few days automatically (by code in /a/cache/ or something).
* I removed the /a/pma/ directory, which is a copy of phpMyAdmin (you can
  download it separately if you really need it)


The code may not be too useful without a copy of the B Nomic database.
I'll put one of those up later; I've got a backup of it right now, but I
can't upload it, because it contains some of this nweek's vote results,
and I haven't announced those yet.

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