Baron von Skippy on 30 Jul 2003 01:20:30 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

>> Proposal 1589/1: Setting Stuff on Fire For Fun and Profit (Baron von
>> Skippy)
>ABSTAIN [[ What happens if we all abstain on a prop? ]]
-Well, that is the one way around this hole, isn't it? Actually, that's probably a good idea, mass-abstaining on all these Failure Scam props.-

>> Proposal 1613/1: Scams (Baron von Skippy)
>SHELVE [[ Who decides what's a scam? ]]
-Well, I sent in a fix for this, but I guess I was too late. It's too late to call it Fatally Flawed, but, well, it is. SHELVE this sucker.-

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