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Re: [spoon-discuss] Nomic Chess

>I've been thinking about this Chess subgame thing, and I had an idea 
>for how to make it into a more multiplayer game:
>There's a chess variant whose name I can't remember where two separate 
>games happen at once; the white player in the first game is partners 
>with the black one in the other, and vice versa. Whenever you capture a 
>piece, it will be the same color as your partner's pieces. So when you 
>take a piece, you give it to your partner (and you get the pieces he 
>captures). A turn consists either of making a legal chess move, or of 
>placing any piece you've been given by your partner on the board under 
>your control, anywhere in the first two rows of the board.
-Bughouse. That's the name I've heard attached to it, anyway.-
>I was thinking we could set up something sort of like that, with 
>societies as the teams. Each society would have a pool of pieces; a 
>society could 'sponsor' one of its members in a game against someone 
>from another society with the pieces captured by the society's champion 
>becoming property of the society.
>Each piece could be identified by four characters, the first two 
>defining the player, the second two defining the piece (so a Bishop of 
>mine might be WoBi, a knight of Glotmorf's could be GmKn, and an 
>Elephant of the Baron could be BrEt, etc.)

>When pieces are taken, they 
>become 'owned' by whoever captured them (and go into the possession of 
>the soc. e represents); players can't take pieces they own from a 
>society (so you can't use the pieces you capture; only those taken by 
>other members in your society).
>Perhaps also, each society could destroy pieces it controlled to gain 
>'power points' (more pps for better units); these could be spent to 
>cause a variety of nifty effects. I'm not sure what effects... the 
>creation of new pieces on the piecelist? Curious effects within 
>sponsored games ("My queen has an uzi in her purse...")?
>Anyway, I figured I'd get some input wrt whether or not people would be 
>interested in such a game before I spent a lot of time writing it up ->the game's completely pointless if I'm the only one who wants to play, 
>and mostly pointless if there are fewer than four willing players... 
>Anyone have any comments?
-I guess I could see doing this. I'm no good at chess, or I'd be more enthused, I'm sure. Now, tell me more about these "better units...?"-

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