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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nzurich

On 7/25/03 at 6:02 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 03:04  AM, Glotmorf wrote:
>> Mr. A...Since I am the only member of the Nzurich society, I submit
>> that I am the sum totality of the society (especially after its
>> charter has been annuled).  As the sum totality of the society, I
>> therefore take the following action:
>Well, first of all, the charter hasn't been annuled. It hasn't even
>been annulled. Nothing says the lists with nothing in them aren't
>lists. Each Charter does indeed have both lists; in most, one such list
>is empty.
>Secondly, even if somehow the charter had been annulled, that doesn't
>make you the society. The society is another entity that contains
>nothing but you; that does not mean it is you.
>Also, note that you probably don't *want* to be a society, because
>under section VI, you'll lose twice the bandwidth every time you make a
>prop. And you initially have 0 bandwidth.

I never said I was the society.  I said I was the sum totality of the society.  If a society is an entity that has members and a charter, and Nzurich doesn't have a charter, that means all the pieces that make up the society consist of me.

That doesn't necessarily mean things that apply to a society also apply to me, nor does it mean things that apply to players cease to apply to me.  After all, I cease to be the sum totality of the society once the charter gets put in.  And since I wasn't the sum totality of the society when the society was first created, my bandwidth wouldn't have been initially 0.

But you're right, I wouldn't want to be a society.  I'd be constantly worrying about losing members...


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