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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Proposal

On 7/22/03 at 10:14 PM Jonathan David Amery wrote:

>I'm pretty sure the Failure Scam doesn't work, but...
>I propose the following proposal:
>__Exploit it as far as we can go__
>If this proposal passes, or if it fails, then create a rule, with
>identification number -1 with the following text:
>{{ {* Layer 6, Chutzpah 11 *}
>__Rulership and Mastery__
>No change may be made to the rules unless a majority of the members of
>the society named "Scammers for a Better Tomorrow" announce on a public
>forum that they are willing for the change to be made.  Voting in
>favour of the change is considered to be such an announcement.
>A state of emergency may not be entered into unless a majority of the
>members of the society named "Scammers for a Better Tomorrow"
>recognise it.
>This rule may be changed at any time by the society named the society
>named "Scammers for a Better Tomorrow".
>This rule takes precidence over any rule that would otherwise conflict
>with it.

Well, if nothing else triggers a State of Emergency, this should just about do it.


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