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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] More on scams

On Monday, July 21, 2003, at 09:51  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

I alter the proposal __Scams__ to read:


A. Definition
A Scam is any attempt by a player to achieve an instant win in any online game of Nomic by circumventing the spirit, but not the wording, of one or more rules, utilizing a loophole in one or more rules, or utilizing an unforseen interaction between two or more rules. The player(s) who perform a scam is (are) the Scammer(s) of that Scam.

I disagree with this definition - the Stock Scam and the Overlord Scams were both definitely scams, I would say to a rather higher degree than anything any of us have done this nweek ('cause they both worked (although I did find the right counterargument to the Overlord Scam, but not until the statute had lapsed for a month or so), and 'cause (especially in the case of the Stock Scam) it was agreed upon by everyone that they did what the scammer claimed); but under your definition, since neither was an attempt at instant victory, neither would qualify as a Scam.

Also, something like my Infinite Style Scam - it would have gotten me a Win in two nweeks if I'd just found a way to prolong it... you claimin' that my infinite gain of points wasn't a scam just 'cause the Win would have been delayed if I'd pulled it off?

D. Guerrila Warfare
B Nomic players are encouraged to perform Scams in other games of Nomic. If a player shows proof of a Scam they performed in another game, that player recieves 15 Style plus 10 Style for each Win they were awarded as a result of the Scam, and the title "Lord of the XXXX YYYY Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the whole name of the other Nomic [[B Nomic, Nomicron, The Curvature Of The Earth Is Overwhelmed By Local Noise Nomic]], and with "YYYY" replaced with the name the Scammer has given to the Scam.

Oboy. Don't we have enough PR issues when we're just *joking* about doing unpleasant things to other Nomics? This actually encourages people to focus on Scamming other games over scamming our own, because they get more Style. Plus you've got another infinite style engine - ever heard of Solitaire Nomic? I could create objects called 'Wins' in a Solitaire game, then make a deliberate loophole that results in my gaining an infinite number of them, and... well, nothing would change for me, because I still have infinite Style, but if anyone else did this, Style would become meaningless, because everyone would have infinite quantities of it.


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