Daniel Lepage on 21 Jul 2003 03:42:01 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Wonko's dimension scam

On Sunday, July 20, 2003, at 11:14  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

-Question. Where does this leave me?-

You mean the Failure Scam?  Totally unrelated.

-No, the 404 Dimensions Not Found Scam (if you can call it a scam -
it's more of an attempt to jam a pickaxe into the tentative reality
the game).-

It leaves you right back where you were, because you never left. You
only thought you did. And some people thought you were right. It was
sort of like a mass hallucination, except with proposals instead of

-If enough people believe in a crazy idea, it becomes truth. That's
more or less how this game works, isn't it?-

Only if Dave agrees, or they formally declare it true through a

-*shrugs theatrically* And if Dave says I am wrong, I go back to seeking opportunity and you gloat. If Dave says I am right, now... I don't know what the odds are, but if no one tries, no one wins. If you prefer that, join Nomicron. If not, allow people to try things and spare all of us your jabs. Might I remind you that you're trying a scam, too? We're not bashing it like this, we're leaving it alone until it's decided. Think on that.-

I'm not bashing your scam; I'm just pointing out that it failed. As did mine. And, I believe, everyone else's.

I feel especially justified in pointing out that this one failed, because it was based on my own logic, which I have already admitted was in error. No jab was intended, and I apologize if one perceived.

Damn. I hate typing 'perceived'. I always think the 'i' should come first.


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