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Re: [spoon-discuss] My missing prop

19/07/2003 05:06:23, Glotmorf <nomicmorf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>--- Baron von Skippy <bvs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> -Interesting note... well, I proposed to give
>> SkArcher a Lord title. That suit you as well? Oh,
>> and is everyone satisfied with the name I gave the
>> scam? It can also be changed.-
>Color me suited.
>I can't decide if this is weirder than the DimShip
>Scam.  It's definitely weirder than the Stock
>Scam...Should we have a Scam Archive with the scams
>ranked by relative weirdness?

The name is fine, and some sort of write up of how they happened is probably in order. In this case the only 
reason it all happened was because I and Anything were a bit bored.

The Idea of a Scam archive is cool, because... well, I have no idea what some of the scams were, although the 
names are there to see the details are hard to track down.


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