Baron von Skippy on 19 Jul 2003 04:03:01 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] My missing prop

>> >>Heh.  Interesting.  I sent my profit prop to
>> >>spoon-business one minute before the Baron did (I
>> >>could do it faster, since all I did was claim a
>> win),
>> >>but it's not there yet because I sent it from the
>> >>wrong email address...Soon as Joel passes it
>> through,
>> >>I'll have pre-empted the Baron's win...
>> >>
>> >-Except SkArcher beat us both flat out.-
>> >
>> yup, even though it is now up to revision 5 the
>> original came in before either of your, so neener
>> neener neener :)
>> it is possible that we need to modify the revisions
>> system so that later revisions get acted upon later
>> in the 
>> game sequence than others... difficult to word tho
>Okay...guess I'll do the noble thing here...
>Baron...your proposal 1589 is first in the list.  You
>can rewrite it in its entirety to be your new profit
>May I respectfully ask for an honorable mention?
-Interesting note... well, I proposed to give SkArcher a Lord title. That suit you as well? Oh, and is everyone satisfied with the name I gave the scam? It can also be changed.-

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