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Re: RE: [spoon-discuss] My missing prop

19/07/2003 04:43:47, "Craig" <ragnarok@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>>Heh.  Interesting.  I sent my profit prop to
>>>>spoon-business one minute before the Baron did (I
>>>>could do it faster, since all I did was claim a win),
>>>>but it's not there yet because I sent it from the
>>>>wrong email address...Soon as Joel passes it through,
>>>>I'll have pre-empted the Baron's win...
>>>Remember, Glotmorf, you have to get past both Wonko's win and mine before
>>>get to any end-of-nweek proposal victories.
>>>You could just recognize an SoE now, on the theory that by golly
>>>has just won.
>>Actually, no.  Whether or not Wonko's win is recognized doesn't have
>anything to do with the ballot.  My prop will remain.
>If Wonko or I won, then you can't win - unless you have a clause like the
>Baron's, the circuit breaker has been flipped.

It is possible that the circuit breaker needs to a little more difficult to remove, so...

I propose;

{{__Power Outage__

change the text of rule 851 to read;

The following rule is created immediately after anyone is awarded a Win: 

{{ __No Win For You__ {* Win, 9 *} 
Players may not win. 
The rule may not be repealed in the same nweek it is created.


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