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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Gutting the Carcass

On 7/18/03 at 4:52 PM Anything McGee wrote:

>Repeal r905 [[Unbridled Hostility(TM)]].


>Repeal r256. subsections B.2 [[The Witch Gremlin]], B.4 [[The LoanShark
>Gremlin, a.k.a. Luigi]], and B.6 [[The Consuming Gremlin, a.k.a. The
>Pig]], renumber remaining subsections accordingly.

I disagree with the Luigi removal.  Luigi has actually been used this nyear.

>Activate r1229 [[The Council of Elders]].  If this proposal fails, then
>repeal r1229.

The repeal part won't work.  If the proposal fails, it fails.


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