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Re: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: AesSedai

18/07/2003 07:42:04, "Anything McGee" <anythingmcgee@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>I remembers a day when the cerulean sky turned green with a living rain of 
>>dying frogs, and the swallows cried and the ravens swallowed. Children 
>>turned to their parents and, with the innocence achieved only through not 
>>being guilty, asked "Are we there yet?" And then we all went to Friendly's 
>>for a smiley face sundae. We had to share it.
>My most memorable period of weather was April of last year.  On April 1, we had a blizzard...the first of the season, strangely.  Then, on the 13th, when I 
returned from Ann Arbor, it was 91 degrees.  Later in the month, I think the 27th, we had another blizzard.
>Of course, we also had five tornadoes on October 29 a few years back.

You have interestingly varied weather. Over here we just have european storms, and their main purpose seems to be to hit the ground with enough rain to drown 
unwary small children


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