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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Political Go

On Thursday, July 17, 2003, at 12:25  AM, Craig wrote:

Regulations for Agoran Gamblers' Chess:

1.  The Gameboard is an 8-by-8 grid.
2.  The number of Contestants may not exceed two at any time.

[[This was because I couldn't figure out an elegant way of making it
multiplayer without people jumping in after they die before anyone has a
chance to win.]]

Nomic.net has a fourplayer chess game called fourplay archived, where each player is associated with one corner of the board.

And chessvariants.com has 'chess for any number of players', where each player has half a board, and a 'move' consists of joining any two half-boards and making a legal move.

12. The following table shows the names, Prices, and Center Indeces of all
legal Pieces. It shall be known as the Piecelist.

Name   Price CI
Rook    18   48
Bishop  10   48
Knight   6   32
Queen   28   96
King     7   20

13. All pieces shall move as in FIDE chess. The king, however, may move into
a position to be captured, and need not move out of such a position.
14. At the suggestion of any Contestant, the Contestmaster may add pieces to the Piecelist. Such pieces must be included in the Piececlopedia section of http://www.chessvariants.com/ and shall move as defined there. For any such
piece, the Contestmaster shall determine a Price and a Center Index.

What, we don't get to make our own pieces? :( That's half the fun of nomic chess!


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