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RE: RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>>>>>A disturbing yet intriguing idea, that...What if evil had its own
>>>>top-level domain?
>>>>>>-Um... .gov?-
>>>>>Is it possible to quote two people at once when making a quote prop?
>>>>Even if not, you can always make a new .sig - and those get reposted
>>>>likely reread) every so often, so they make more of an impression than
>>>-How do you set up cycling/random signatures?-
>>I cheat. I just have a bunch, and cycle them by hand.
>>People with decent mail clients have other options, but until my planned
>>switch this fall I'm using Outlook.

>I know that there is a way of doing it using Opera for Windows, but I have
no idea how and I've never got up the
>impertus to find out how, and I generally don't bother with .sigs (because
sigs are rarely appropriate for all
>possible recipients)

Oh, of course not. For instance, I have sigs I wouldn't attach to a message
to my mother. I mean, she's pretty cool, but I wouldn't want her getting the
one about how the Martial Penis has fallen asleep. And when I remember, I
don't stick foreign-language sigs on messages whose recipients shouldn't be
expected to understand them. I'd say that's one of the benefits of cycling
through them by hand, actually.

 -- Teucer

"Somehow jokes are funnier after 3 minutes of belaboured explanation."


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