Craig on 17 Jul 2003 14:22:01 -0000

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RE: RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] RE: [Spoon-business] Foomp

>>>Thats a pretty tiny Image, maybe make it a bit bigger?
>>Okay, I'm working on it.
>>It takes a while to center the URL within the B when you do it in Paint.
>>I'll have it for you tomorrow. Today, I suppose, since it is technically
>>morning now. (Eastern, for those who were about to ask what time zone I'm
>> -- Teucer

>Yeah, its morning here technically, but thats because I'm up early (6:11
am - I don't have anything to do today, so I'm going to avoid all
>the daytime heat)

>Anyhow, another question - can you do black?

Nope. White or grey. And the long-sleeved is only availible in white.

 -- Teucer

"Well, well, well. It seems that the Martial Penis has fallen asleep."


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