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RE: [spoon-discuss] RE: [Spoon-business] Foomp

>>>I declare a State of Emergency.-
>>Try doing it on a public forum.
>-I did do it on a public forum.-

I noticed. But only after sending the message.

>>Hey, let's all print up a bunch of t-shirts saying "B Nomic Players Do It
>-I like.-

Well then. I've taken so if anyone has any images
they would like on stickers, steins, shirts, mousepads, thongs, or what have
you, just send them along.

Currently I offer a white t-shirt with a neat little B Nomic image on the
front pocket area and the above motto on the back. I'm selling it at the
base price of 13.95; I choose not to profit from B Nomic.

 -- Teucer

"Let's vote on how to vote on how to vote!"
 -Adam Raizen


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