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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>> -(Haran?)
>>> Isn't Shadar Haran that Myrdraal who issues all of the Dark Lord's
>>-Oh yeah. But he can't channel. And isn't he a he, anyway? That series is
>oddly devoid of sexless characters, isn't it? I think in the
>>interest of simplicity, we should not have a genderless third of the
>Source... why do we have Drones, anyway? And would there be a loudly
>>vocal Drone minority if I ignored them this time?-
>1. I thought Myrddraal were sexless. Certainly if their groins are as
>featureless as their faces...

-Can't imagine anyone wanting to check... and they have faces, just not eyes. What that means for... wow, what a painful thought.-
>2. I think I'm a drone. And I want to channel without becoming male or
>female. I would get loudly vocal, but by the time I notice you're ignoring
>me I'll be away. Hmm... can I create a philosophical mandate to vote an
>extra YES or NO on any proposal if doing so promotes equal rights for
-Well, then maybe we declare Drones to all be Darkfiends... that tickle your fancy?-

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