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Re: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

--- Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If we don't write limits into power now, then
> somebody's gonna take 
> over the game before we can. Having Dave be able to
> veto things would 
> be enough to fix that, though; but then we have to
> wait until Dave 
> declares that e *won't* veto before we can implement
> the effects of 
> such actions. (because otherwise, the action could
> change the rules to 
> nullify Dave's veto before Dave got the chance to).

Well, if stuff like spells just needed a simple yes or
no from a Responsible Person, that'd be something we
wouldn't have to run through the proposal process,
even if the RP was Dave.  We could just let things
queue up and be taken care of on an as-available

And if that means things in the queue sit there for a
while?  The R&D process is a bitch, isn't it?

> I think this is the sort of thing that could be fit
> perfectly into a 
> subgame. Even something like an INH subgame, now
> that societies can 
> force members to do things. That way we can be
> certain that the Source 
> will only be used to affect things within a
> restricted sphere; no 
> changing rules, deposing the admin, or anything
> nasty like that. (of 
> course, you would be able to force people to vote to
> depose the admin 
> or repeal the ruleset; but only those people who
> agreed to that risk by 
> joining the game)

You forget.  The admin wants to depose the admin. 
It'd wind up being a race...

-- Glotmorf

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