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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

On 7/14/03 at 11:48 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 11:44  PM, Glotmorf wrote:
>> On 7/14/03 at 11:39 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:
>>>> Well, I've been exposed to those outside materials, but I remember
>>>> some of the objections that came up just with my mining rule...the
>>>> part about the "work crews" was sort of meant to be fluff, a
>>>> visualization of having to be able to trace a path from a service
>>>> mall
>>>> to a worksite, but an objection came up because work crews weren't
>>>> defined.
>>> Did we ever settle that issue?
>> I think we danced around it.  And then someone blew up the grid.
>Perhaps ought we to settle it, then? It might become an issue again

What, are you going to un-blow-up the grid?  Or do you mean what to do about objects that don't have an actual definition?

The latter would be rather novel for the Nomic community, wouldn't it?  Isn't Nomic classically a legislate-first-and-define-terms-later sort of game?

Perhaps we can have a general-purpose rule such that if there exists an object for which there does not exist a statement in the form of "A {thingie} is defined as {definition}", said object is to be considered equivalent to, say, a chocolate eclair and can be used as such, and for those situations in which a chocolate eclair would be meaningless there is no effect.

Or were you referring to a default case for otherwise-undeclared statless NPCs?


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