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RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

>>>Level  Male                  Female
>>>0      Untrained             Untrained
>>>1      soldier               novice
>>>2      Dedicated             Accepted
>>>3      Asha'man              Aes Sedai
>>>4      advanced Asha'man     Sitter
>>>5      M'Hael                Keeper
>>How about if the equivalent of the current Jedi Lord be something like:
>> 6      Dragon                Amyrlin
>It occurs to me that I didn't explain why this is different than having
>these simply be the ministers' titles.
>The Jedi Lord is more powerful than a Jedi Master, and the Amyrlin and
>Dragon should clearly be the most powerful channelers. That is, the job
>should be both a ministry and the next level.
>By the way, what is the Drone half (third?) of the Source called? Saidu?
>Saiddish? And do drones specialize in Spirit, or tap all Five Powers
>equally? Or are they just Powerless?
-Drones don't fit in to the stories, I don't think... although I suppose there are a few ways to use this. One, make a drone third (we'll call that saidrone for now) and have them be equally strong in all areas. Two, continue ignoring Drones. No gender, no channeling. Three, declare all Drones to be Shadowspawn, specifically gholam. The Source cannot touch them and they cannot touch it. Four, declare Drones to use the True Source, the third form of channeling, and give them the saa which go along with it. Of course, that more or less means they're all Darkfriends with nasty black flecks crossing their eyes every time they channel, but that's the price you pay for not conforming.-

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