SkArcher on 13 Jul 2003 04:43:01 -0000

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Re: RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

13/07/2003 05:38:43, "Baron von Skippy" <bvs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>I support the Baron's suggestion. Write it up quick if you need my vote, I'm
>>going on a four-week leave soon.
>-Hmm, it'll probably be ready by the time you get back. Well, one of the parts. Really, I've only got the concept and the two specific ministries figured out, 
with hopes that the idea could be stretched to what's left of the Grid and into new areas of a new ruleset.-

I have to say this sounds far too complex and likely to cause way too much work for all concerned.

I'm working on something a little more ergonomic (pun intended) which should be ready soon


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