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RE: [spoon-discuss] Whoa

>> Dating back to when I joined A Nomic, I have 11495 messages.
>> I think I win. :)
>> --
>> Rob Speer

>[lists@charybdis www]$ find spoon-* -name msg* | wc -l
>  13499

>Actualy, I believe I'm the titleholder for most messages. Of course, I'm
>archiving them, so that's not really fair, is it? :)

I'd say your status as archivist means that you are in a different league,
and thus ineligible.

Only on spoon-discuss can I reasonably predict at least three replies to a
message this inane.

-Just three? I'd say we're well into the fifties, since I'm counting these as more responses to the /last/ time we had this conversation. Come on, now, it's not all that interesting, except in the way that a train wreck is interesting.-


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