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Re: [spoon-discuss] The Grid

I have a question, a straw poll, if you will, for the players.

I am working on a proposal to create a new Grid, one that will hopefully be neater and easier to work with. I want to know what direction we want to take this in.

Certainly the old grid was modeled like an RPG; each player was on the grid emself, and most of eir grid actions were done by em, on emselves and on objects near em.

However, as we drew nearer to where we are now, the Grid seemed to be progressing more towards a strategy-style game, such as WarCraft or Risk. Land ownership was created such that players, after making one purchase in person, could do the rest from anywhere, even Limbo. Armies were made, so that a player's commands could affect any part of the Grid, regardless of where the origin of the order was. Land Improvements and Remote-Controlled speeders made it possible for intense, heated action to take place on the Grid even if no players were actually there. (such action failed to materialize; this is largely due, I believe, to the sudden arrival of the end of the year; tests, recitals, etc. made many players unable to spare more than a few minutes a day for trivialities such as gaming).

Both of these layouts have potential. I'm somewhat in favor of the latter, the Strategy Game, because it is new - the RPG world has now Been Done, developed to the point where we could no longer deal with it. But I'm curious to know if I'm alone in this.

-Well, it sounds like you and I share interests here. However, we seem to want to go about them very differently. Why do we need to repeal all the old rules so we can remake the ones we like? Why not nuke the ones we don't like and build on the rest, instead of killing them all and letting god sort them out?-

I tried to write a proposal that would do that. About an hour and a half later, having managed to work my way through the first two or three subsections of rule 301, I gave up.

At this point, in order to turn the Grid into something new, we would effectively have to rewrite everything in the rule; trying to do this while we still have the old parts lying around is asking for disaster, as old things that are no longer compatible with new things will come into conflict. The end result should be the same, but the path there will be much easier if we destroy the old rules first.

-Well, then rewriting is not the answer. Removing certain parts might be, though. Just pick concepts and delete them so hard that other rules have whole sentences vanish. And as for this whole "RPG vs. strategy Grid" discussion... part of the reason the Grid is so confused is that we didn't know what we were doing at all. It never occurred to me that it was an RPG until people started declaring it so, and I'm still not sure I believe it. What if this time around we come to a consensus on direction? Not like "we WILL make this look like Risk!" but more like how all U.S. laws have to comply with the Constitution, even though that document was written long before many of the issues we face now existed? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?-


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