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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: Re: Observers

Speaking as one of the observers, I must say I found the tone of the "you're
all fascists" message rather trollish. I understand that they've pissed you
off, and I understand that you've pissed them off. I am forced to wonder
what exactly you (and that's the plural you, referring to BvS AND Nomicron,
or whoever in there it applies to) did to get that started.

-I think it all started over a discussion of a proposal that inflamed into a debate over the nature of proposing in general and... you know, I'm not sure how it got so big. I'm sure I haven't been perfect, but... well, all I can say any more is that I am the same person in both games, so the trigger for this avalanche of ill-will came from their game.

That, and I'm sure it accomplishes nothing to hold me accountable for Nomicron being pissy to all of B Nomic. If they can't figure out that I'm me and you're all not me, that's really too bad. I hate them with a passion. I'll stop saying that in B Nomic - it adds nothing and causes me to spill that anger into this game, where it does not belong. Likewise, Nomicron's attacks against me do not belong in this game. They belong in that one, cooped up.

Despite what they say, I also doubt that Nomicron can really kill our chances of talking to Agora.-


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