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[spoon-discuss] Nomic Market beginning.

A day or so ago, I asked on the Nomic Market list if there were any
objections to starting with the rules as reprinted below. There were none,
unless you count rule change suggestions that are important but minor enough
to be most Nomically considered as the first proposals. Thus, we are
beginning with the following ruleset:

SECTION I. General Rules.
A. Definitions.
The official mailing list of the Nomic Market is nomicmarket@xxxxxxxxxx A
trader is a person who is at the market, and may be refered to more
specifically as a XXX trader, with XXX replaced by the name of eir home
Nomic. A trader's home Nomic is the Nomic in which e is a player. If a
person is a player in more than one Nomic, that player may be a trader from
each one; that is, they may be two traders with two distinct home Nomics. An
object is a thing which it is possible for a player to posess according to
the rules of eir home Nomic. A member Nomic is a Nomic which has its own
section in the rules of the Nomic Market.

B. How to come to the Market.
Any player of any member Nomic may declare emself to be at the Market, as
long as the declaration occurs on both the mailing lists of the member Nomic
and of the Market. That person then becomes a trader.

C. What to do while at the Market.
A trader may give any object to any other trader whose home Nomic and its
subsection of these rules allow that trader to recieve it.
A trader may offer a trade to another trader. That player may accept or
reject the trade. If it is accepted, the goods agreed on are given from one
trader to the other, as agreed.

SECTION II. Amending the Rules.
A. Sections i and ii.
The rules in sections I and II of the ruleset may be amended whenever 2/3 of
traders agree to the amendment. However, any two member Nomics may
officially veto such a change.

B. Other sections.
The rules in the section concerning a given member Nomic may be amended
whenever 2/3 of traders from that Nomic agree to the amendment. However, any
two member Nomics may officially veto such a change.

SECTION III. B Nomic Rules.
(I, not being a B Nomic player, am not qualified to draft these.)

SECTION IIII. ThermodyNomic Rules.
A. Reciept.
Any Thermo trader who recieves an object may declare eir intention to bring
that object into the game of Thermo, in which case it is an object within
Thermo in that player's posession until such time as e gives it away. Such a
declaration must be sent to the Thermo mailing list.
A Thermo trader may not bring B Nomic Shillings into the game of Thermo.

B. Exchanges.
Any Thermo trader may transform one Coin into 1,000 B Nomic Shillings, or
may transform 1,000 B Nomic Shillings into one Coin.

C. Official vetoes.
Thermo will participate in a veto of a suggested change to the Nomic Market
rules if a simple majority of its players want it to.

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