Craig on 22 Apr 2003 20:24:01 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] New idea on internomic activity

What if we declared that in Thermo, any player of Thermo or any other Nomic
we want to trade can be At The Market, and that anyone At The Market could
give things to anyone else who was there? Of course, all games in question
would want to put limits on this - things like passing through customs to
allow for tariffs and currency exchanges, or a cost to Market time so people
spend some of their time not At The Market?

I'm thinking of doing this by adding a few rules as follows:

15.1 Any player may declare emself to be At The Market by announcing on the
official mailing list that e wishes to do so.

15.2 Any player of B Nomic may declare emself to be At The Market by stating
eir intent to do so on the Thermo mailing list, subject to the rules of B

15.3 Players of different Nomics who are At The Market may give their
posessions to one another; such posessions are destroyed in one Nomic and
created in the other.

We can probably find some Things to destroy to make up for this, if we
decide to implement it.

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