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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File


-Yay, someone else is picking up on my idea! Maybe it stands a chance of doing something now. Especially since I don't think Nomicron will be very willing to adopt any change. *pause* And they won't want to adopt any changes which link us to them. They're very conservative, very backwards-thinking, and I seem to have slightly angered several of their players (read: I'm glad they don't have my address).-

The other possibility is to establish a grid in Thermo. Then, we could
convince Thermo, B Nomic, and maybe Agora (which, when I was a player at
least, had the Land of Arcadia through which players move and play a strange
go-like game) to put in portals connecting them to one another. If a player
changes which Nomic e is geographically in, then e brings all of eir things
into the target Nomic and begins to be governed by the movement rules of
that Nomic. This, of course, allows for transportation of Things.

-So we can load Speeders to the limit with stuff and fly them through into another Nomic? I like the idea. Hell, we could even have it so that you can steal things from the cargo speeders, so you need to protect them and stuff. I'm seeing competing firms in the transport business. It could be a whole subgame in and of itself.-

Also, now that there is Josh - yes, that is relevant - I plan to submit a
proposal to Thermo that may lay the groundwork for an economy. The currency
would be Coins, so maybe get those into B Nomic if we go with the "Free
Trade" idea.

-Well, a universal currency is fine, just arrange an exchange rate between it and BNS or it and points.-


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