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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

On 4/18/03 at 7:49 PM Craig wrote:

>bd in the B Nomic discussion list:
>>I've been discussing inter-nomic trade with someone from Thermodynomic,
>>he's got some interesting ideas: (formatting ruined by deep reply-nesting)
>Guy from Thermo here. I've joined this list to discuss it with the B Nomic
>community. bd is already also in Thermo. I've cc'd it to that list so that
>we can talk about the ideas we've got there, as well, if that community is
>interested in having some input (which I hope it is). Comments from either
>list should probably be summarized to the other.
>Here's the executive summary of our ideas:
>1.  We establish rules within each Nomic for trade between Nomics. Very
>decentralized; requires greater change to add a new Nomic to such trading.
>1a. We establish universal rules for inter-Nomic trade. Any Nomic can then
>agree to be part of those rules, and can recognize any other such Nomic as
>possible trading partner.
>2. ThermodyNomic introduces a Grid-like system, and there are teleports
>between the two grids. Anyone on a foreign grid carries eir stuff with em
>and is bound by the new movement rules. Integrates the two Nomics to a
>greater degree, and gets more confusing, but allows for trade in really
>straightforward ways.

Lacking current rules that define our respective objects, might I suggest a "locker" system at the teleport points to store our local objects in until we return?


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