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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] INH Charter

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 12:16  AM, Adam Hill wrote:

-If that's the superhero game, I'm in. If this is something else, Mafia.-


Rumble is indeed the superhero game. I'm not sure what Mafia is, but I think Rumble would flow nicely with significant use of the roster and perhaps creation of a second public forum.

As we're working within the confines of a Societal Subgame, and as Dave has more than enough work assigned to em already, I don't think we'll be able to track Rumble data on the Roster. However, it would not take too much effort to maintain an INH Roster, containing only the members of INH, and relevant attributes such as Energy Points, etc.

Mafia, by the way, is this:
One person runs the game. E is sometimes referred to as God, or the Dungeon Master, or the King, or whatever. E knows everything and facilitates things, but does not actually play. E begins by selecting, from the other players, about one quarter of them (percentage may vary depending on who you play with). This group becomes the Mafia. E also chooses a single player to be the Guardian Angel. In face-to-face games, this process is often performed by having the players sit in a circle with their eyes closed; the Facilitator walks around the circle and taps each player once if e is an ordinary villager, twice if e is a Mafia member, and three times if e is the guardian angel. The Mafia members are then allowed to open their eyes, so as to find out who the other Mafia members are.

Gameplay then begins. It consists of a series of days. Every day, two things happen. First, the night, when everyone is asleep (eyes closed); it has two parts: The Mafia members awake, and, without speaking (so as to avoid letting the villagers sitting next to them figure out who they are), select a victim. This is generally done by having them all point to a player; if they disagree, they must find a consensus, still without speaking. Then, the Mafia go back to sleep, and the guardian angel awakes. E points at a single player of eir choice. The Facilitor then nods if that player is a Mafia member, or shakes eir head otherwise.

The Day begins - the villagers all wake up, to find one of their number (the one chosen by the mafia) murdered. The murdered player leaves the game. The villagers then begin their Mob Justice. They choose, by majority vote, one of their number who they think might be Mafia. This member is lynched, and thus leaves the game (some play that e must say whether e was Mafia, Angel, or neither; I think it's more interesting if e has the option of lying, or simply not saying anything).

The game continues until either all Mafia members have been lynched, in which case the Villagers win, or until there are more Mafia members than normal villagers, in which case the Mafia win (because then the Mafia control the Mob voting as well, and so are guaranteed to be able to destroy their remaining foes).

I've never tried this game except in a face to face setting; I don't know how well it could be adapted to internet play.


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