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[spoon-discuss] Races 2: Movement

Here's the prop that reworks Movement. But before I get onto that, a quick note on containers I forgot to include with the Mass thing: I didn't standardize containers, even though I can see how it could be done; I wanted to keep these props as small as possible while accomplishing what they set out to do.

One thing I'm doing is changing it so nothing "moves" anymore; it instead "walks" or "cruises" or "leaps" or whatever. This is because it isn't too clear when things can both "move" themselves and "be moved" by something else.

I don't propose the following, as this is only for discussion:

In this proposal, the delimiters "{-{" and "}-}" are used to group multiple changes to a single rule.

In Rule 256/15, __Gremlins__, Section B.6, replace the second and third sentences with {{The two location that Curt and Rod are in are Adjacent. Moving between these two locations is known as "Climbing through the Window". It is illegal for any object which possesses Curt or Rod, and Curt and Rod themselves, to enter the location of another Window Gremlin. [[Interdemensional forces won't let you pull them together; just drop the one you're carrying first.]]}}
and replace the last sentence with
{{Whenever the weather is updated, Curt and Rod will each gain 9 Movement and walk 3 times, each time to a random adjacent location that e may legally walk to, if possible.}}

In Rule 301/32, __The Grid__:
Append to section A.1:
{{Two squares are adjacent if both their x and y coordinates differ by no more than 1.}}

In section A.2, replace the 2nd and third paragraphs with:
MO's have the attribute Movement, which is an integer; SO's do not. An object's Movement is set to eir Speed at the beginning of each nweek, or 3 if it does not have a Speed.

If an action costs Movement, it may not be taken unless the object has at least that amount of Movement and pays that amount of Movement. In addition, no object may take an action that costs movement if it or any object it contains or possesses has had a decrease in Movement during the current nday. Finally, an object may not take any action that costs Movement if it would directly cause any object to enter a location that it is illegal for it to enter. [[Basically, you gotta pay movement to move, or get carried by something else that pays for itself and carries you along (airspeeders).]]

If it is illegal for a an object to be in a location, it is also illegal for that object to enter it.

Replace section B.2 with:
A MO may Walk to any adjacent location, provided that it is legal for the object to enter that location. When an object Walks to a location, it is moved to that location. Walking costs 3 Movement.

Walking may also be referred to as Flying, Cruising, or Running. [[Because airspeeders don't walk.]]

Warping costs 8 Movement. When an object Warps to a location, it is moved to that location. [[Note that permission is not given here for anything to warp -- it's for Aliens and IID's and such, and any other special case we make in the rules.]]

Whenever an object performs an action that costs Movement and changes its location, it is considered to moved along a ray from the center of its original location to the center of its new location. The same goes for any objects that it contains or carries.

In section D.1, change "2+2n points" to "2+2n points and 1 Movement".

Change Section E.3 to the following:
There exists an entity named the Yeti, which has the Race Yeti and Gender Male. At the start of the 1st nday of each nweek, if the Yeti is on the Grid, he Leaps if able to a random square that is not more than 8 units from his location repeatedly until he cannot. Leaping costs 8 Movement, and moves the Leaper to the location e Lept to. At the start of the 1st nday of each week, if the Yeti is Dead, a Winter Gnome appears on a random empty location on the Grid, that location becomes Frozen, and the Yetis is moved to that location. At the start of the 1st nday of each week, if the Yeti is not on the Grid, he moves to a random Location on the Grid.

If the Yeti enters a square (not location, so not in Limbo) containing a carryable object, if e is able, e picks up that object. The Yeti attempts to a catch objects that he can catch randomly; there is a 50% chance e will each time e is able.
[[End changes to Rule 301, __The Grid__]]

In Rule 394 , __Monday Night Football!__, in section C.2, add the sentence, "Tackling costs 1 Movement.", and remove section D.2, and renumber remaining sections accordingly.

Change Rule 662, __Impaired coordination__ to the following:
{{If any player attempts to Walk, or cause any Airspeeder to Cruise, a 1d6 is rolled. The new position of the airspeeder or player is set to the following, based on the roll, instead of the intended positon:
1 - No change
2 - direction traveled is rotated 45 degrees clockwise.
3 - direction traveled is rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise.
4 - direction traveled is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
5 - direction traveled is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
6 - The move takes place as intended, and the object loses 1 Movement.
7 - The move takes place as intended, and the object loses 2 Movement.
8 - If it is a player, e Trips and Falls, Fumbling the Football if it is in eir posession. E moves normally. If it is an Airspeeder, the Airspeeder Crashes, and does not move. When an Airspeeder Crashes, it loses 20 Integrity and 4 Movement, and all objects within it that have HP lose 1 HP.

If any object would be moved illegally as a result of this, the movement does not occur, though it still counts as the player Walking or the Airspeeder Cruising, and still costs the requisite Movement. Note that these effects may result in an object having negative Movement.

If an entity that is Inebriated uses a Laser Gun to Shoot at another object, a 1d4 is rolled. On a 1, the target does not lose any Integrity. On a 2, the target loses 3d3 Integrity instead of 4d3.

If an entity that is Inebriated causes eir Airspeeder to launch a KEMOSABE Missile, a 1d20 is rolled. On a 3 or 4, it is launched in a random direction. On a 2, the Missile is shot straight upwards; it is removed from the grid for 7 ndays, after which it enters and Detonates in the location it was launched from. On a 1, it immidiatly detonates in the location it was launched from.
[[End new text of Rule 662, __Impaired coordination__]]

Change Rule 949, __Great Heights__, to the following:
{{It is illegal to Walk to a location if the elevation Walking object's current location differs by 4 or more from the target location.}}

In Rule 1071, __Airspeeders__:
In section A, replace "Speed, which is initially 5." with "Speed, which has a base value of 15, and is a Stat.

Append to section B, "Boarding costs 1 Movement. It is illegal to cause the Football to enter an Airspeeder (including boarding one when you possess it)."

Replace the first paragraph of section C with the following:
If an entity is in an Airspeeder that e owns, that Airspeeder is not Snuggled, and the Football is not in that Airspeeder, e may cause that Airspeeder to Cruise to an adjacent, legal location.

Append to section D, "Disembarking costs 1 Movement."

In the first sentence of section E, replace "all players" with "all objects that are not carried by something other than the airspeeder". [[So your precious items don't go flying.]]
[[End changes to Rule 1071, __Airspeeders__]]

In Rule 1075, __Wealthy Bastard Speeder Upgrades__, change "A Speeder with Afterburners may move one additional space per nweek." to "Having Afterburners grants an Airspeeder +3 Speed."

In Rule 1137, __The Police__, change all instances of "move" to "cruise".

Change the second paragraph of Rule 1143, __Barney__ to:
At the beginning of each nweek, or at the beginning of each nday if Barney is Wired, Barney Walks 3 times, each time in the direction of the nearest Speeder that is not Snuggled to his location. }}In that same rule, change all instances of "move" to "Walk", and all instances of "moves" with "Walks".

In Rule 1183, __The Infinite Improbability Drive__, change the first paragraph to the following: {{If the owner of a Speeder possesses a Ford Prefect Gnome, e may change the Speeder into a Speeder with an Inifinite Improbability Drive (IID). This causes the Gnome to turn into a Petunia, a carryable, throwable, MO. [[Quite improbable, is it not?]] The owner of a Speeder with an IID, if e is in it may cause it to Warp to any location on the Grid. In addition to the normal effects of Warping, this causes the Speeder and all objects it contains to have their Movement set to 0 if it is positive, and additional effects based on the roll of a 1d100:

On any roll from 1 to 42, there are no additional effects.}}

Append to Rule 1186, __Lake Caffeine__, "Players, Barney, and Gremlins gain +X Speed while Wired, where X is eir Constitution divided by 3. When a player, a Gremlin, or Barney becomes Wired, e gains Movement equal to X divided by 3, if e has not already become Wired during the current nweek."

In Rule 1271/0, __Races__, after the sentence that starts "If any of an object's stats...", add: {{All objects that have a Speed also have the attribute Movement, which is an integer. At the beginning of each nweek, each player's Movement is set to eir Speed.}}

In Rule 1326, __Armies__:
Replace section A.5 with:
{{Each Army type has a Speed. Their base Speed is equal to the base Speed for objects whose Race equals the Army's Type. Borg Armies have a Speed of 6. The General of an Army may cause the Army to Walk at any time it is legal for the Army to do so.}}

Delete the Speed column from the table in section B.

Change section B.3.4. to "Alien Armies may Warp, unless they have Warped during the past 10 ndays."
[[End changes to Rule 1326, __Armies__]]
[[End proposal]]

There she be. Changing up the wording, and standardizing a lot of stuff, and rather than "move X times per nweek", we have Movement, which can be spent in varying amounts on a variety of things. So, what do you think?

Orc in a Spacesuit

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