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[BNomic-Public] Miniplayers

On 8/30/02 at 8:07 PM Wonko wrote:

>I had an idea: What if we allowed people to join the game not as full
>players, but as 'miniplayers' - people who could only do things like run
>around on the Grid, buy stocks, etc. So people who like the idea of the
>could do the Grid thing, but they wouldn't have to worry about making
>proposals or voting on things. For them, the Grid IS the game. For us,=
>provide a way of making the Grid more interesting. Also, if they can use
>Stock Market, then they can provide that randomness we were talking about=
>if three dozen people are buying and selling stock, no single player can
>exert too much influence, but the prices can still be based on how well
>Is this a good idea, or am I nuts?
>I suppose those aren't mutually exclusive conditions, are they?

You're not nuts, or at least not in this respect.  uin had a similar idea=
 with...what did he call them?  "Disinterested" players?  People who didn't=
 participate in the grid, weren't subject to the sushi or gremlins or=
 anything like that, that only were involved in proposals, voting and=
 judging.  I was against it at the time because it amounted to him=
 affecting the game but not being affected by it, which I found=

What you're suggesting is the crystallization of subsets of the game as=
 games in their own right, with a policy-making layer over top...sort of=
 like if the management of was a nomic game.  Interesting idea,=
 but wouldn't it take rather a lot of work to make the subgames something=
 people would want to play in their own right?  At the moment, neither grid=
 football nor gremball are up to the standards of average pbm games...