Wonko dplepage on Sun, 25 Aug 2002 23:02:22 -0400

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[BNomic-Public] Merged players

I had an interesting idea... Would it be possible to create entities that
were like players, except under the control of multiple RL people? So any
one of them could take an action as this player, like a player with multiple
souls... It'd be like the Holy Grail Three-headed Giant, that's always
arguing with itself.

Three-headed Giant moves to (10,10).
Giant moves to (11,11)
Giant moves back to (10,10).
Giant Runs to (12,12).
Giant Moves to (12,11).
Giant moves to (11,11).
Giant picks up Enrique.
Giant drops Enrique.
Giant submits a CFI.
Giant rescinds eir CFI.
Giant makes proposal 321/0, "Don't kill Gremlins!"
"Kill the Gremlins!" is 321/1.
"Don't kill the Gremlins" is 321/2.
"Kill ALL the Gremlins!" is 321/3.
"PLEASE don't kill the Gremlins!" is 321/4.
"Same as it never wasn't" is 321/5.
"Disband Us! Please!" is 321/6.


That could be fun...